Who We Are

We are a diverse team of passionate individuals with fanatical enthusiasm for what we do.  With laser like focus on attaining positive and game-changing outcomes for our customers.  We’re also not shy about having fun along the way!

The meaning behind “Selladore

The name is derived from the concept of Phonaesthetics, which is the study of beauty and pleasantness associated with the sounds of certain words or parts of words.

It is widely supposed that the word “Cellar Door”, when separated from its literal meaning is found to be beautiful in sound to the human ear.

We’ve expanded on that concept with our spelling of Selladore, which has been debated among scholars and famous English authors (Such as Tolkien and C.S.Lewis) for the last century.

As passionate book lovers, we feel Selladore captures the essence of who we are, and the air of mystery and enchantment that surrounds the name beckons to our personal values of dreaming, wonderment, and that anything is possible.

Our Values


 Understanding through conscious thought, caring, commitment, and cooperation.


 Enhancing all that we do with a sense of creative wonder and open minded thinking.


Our ability to maintain focus and effectiveness through an ever changing world.


We bring enthusiasm to our lives, our work, our interests, and our community. Sharing this joy with our colleagues and customers.


Promoting a diverse culture through our people, actions, and breadth of experience.


We constantly challenge the status quo and strive for excellence, relevancy, and differentiation in everything we do.