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Business and technology alignment has a dramatic impact on the ability of organizations to achieve key objectives.

The intersection of business and technology strategies has become increasingly difficult to differentiate.Now, more than ever, it is imperative to leverage your data, deploy technology and ensure that your investment in innovation is driving customer value.

Like a world-class athlete, businesses need to surround themselves with a diverse team of experts.You need a comprehensive plan, coupled with a foundation of hard work and determination, to accomplish your goals.

Let Selladore be the team that elevates your business performance.


There are infinite possibilities with technology; innovate with us and elevate your business performance.

Digital Transformation

Innovative digital transformation is a game changer for any organization. Our proven business leaders and all-star team of experts can support you during this critical journey.

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Technology is a strategic enabler for business transformation in today’s ultra-competitive and ever-shifting global marketplace. Leveraging technology to drive this change is no easy feat; it requires proper analysis, alignment, change management and IT leadership. By focusing on customer experience, operational efficiency, process improvement and innovative technology solutions, your organization’s transformation can be easy and seamless. Let Selladore help you by providing expert technical resources and proven leadership to increase your internal IT team’s capabilities.


Having an effective technology and data strategy is not just a valuable asset in business, it is key in determining an organization’s success

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Working alongside your team, we will not only create a technology strategy and vision, but deliver a cohesive playbook to help you achieve real innovation and measurable results.

A solid technology strategy is the cornerstone of any successful business strategy. Selladore will analyze your organization’s goals and develop a cohesive technology roadmap and implementation plan to achieve them. Let us design a robust, flexible IT strategy that ALIGNS and DRIVES your business forward. By analyzing your IT capabilities, resources, systems and infrastructure, we will build the ideal technology vision that adheres to your business constraints and maximizes your investment.

IO Analyitcs

Unlock the hidden potential in the reams of data held by your organization, driving value and discovering competitive insights that you never knew existed

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As your business grows, its data landscape shifts. You must be able to adapt in today’s ever-evolving competitive marketplace. Data can become the foundation of your company’s business strategy, driving growth and differentiation. However, this can only be achieved through strong data architecture aligned with your organization’s goals and key objectives. Selladore can help you build this framework through proactive data collection, aggregation, rationalization, analytics, reporting, dashboards and support services. We can TRANSFORM your information into REAL business intelligence.

Virtual CIO

Quickly and efficiently augment your technology leadership capabilities..  


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Do you have gaps in your current IT organization? Have you recently lost a technology leader? Is your digital transformation initiative in need of more expertise? Selladore can assist you immediately by providing proven technology leadership, maintaining your system architecture and guiding you through organizational change initiatives. We are here to help augment your IT team’s resources and provide mentorship, project management and solution implementation expertise.

IT Due Diligence

Supporting pre-deal research and enhancing post-deal implementation and delivery.

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While technology is often seen as one of the most challenging aspects of any merger or acquisition, it is also one of the most overlooked areas during due diligence processes. With IT supporting most critical business operations, it is imperative to have a full strategic and cost analysis performed by experienced professionals to ensure no surprises. Let Selladore’s team of technology experts demystify an organization’s existing IT landscape during any pre-deal investigations or post-deal implementation exercises.

A Look Inside the tech world

For Transformational Technology Leadership: The CIO must have a seat at the table

With the plethora of C-Suite personnel occupying a proverbial seat at the leadership table (CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs), there is one individual who, even in 2020, still seems to be missing more often than not – the CIO.


Cheo For The Kids Gala

Cheo For The Kids Gala

Selladore is proud and honoured to be named the Official Adaptive Technology Sponsor for the CHEO — Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario “For the Kids Gala” on April 1st at the Infinity Convention Centre.

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